Meet the Aleph Zadik Aleph & B'nai B'rith Girls

We are Jewish leaders numbering tens of thousands strong in 725 chapters across 60 countries. We’re smart and ambitious, athletic and fun, and we’re changing the world. Individually, we’re leaders. Together, we form a brotherhood, sisterhood, siblinghood, and a Movement taking on big issues and making bigger moves. 
The Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) and the B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG) are a high school fraternity and sorority, the membership program of BBYO. Since our founding in 1924 and 1944, we have been member-led. Our priorities and programs reflect the interests and issues that matter most to us. Our pursuits are as diverse as our participants. 
BBYO is committed to creating a mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically safe environment for all teens. AZA and BBG welcome Jewish teens of all backgrounds, denominational affiliation, gender, race, sexual orientations, and socio-economic status as well as those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities. 
Since the beginning, AZA and BBG have been a welcoming place for all young Jews. It’s just who we are. In communities large and small, you’ll find friends and a place where you can have fun, learn, grow, celebrate your Jewish identity, give back to your community, and, most important, be yourself. Still, nearly 100 years later, AZA and BBG are an international platform and a Movement where teens can be part of something great.

The Grand Order of the

Aleph Zadik Aleph

Our fraternity, AZA, is named with the Hebrew letters Aleph Zadik Aleph and stands for Ahava, fraternal love, Tzedakah, benevolence, and Ahdoot, harmony. These are some of our core values. For generations, young Jews have called themselves “Alephs” as part of our international brotherhood and siblinghood. Our programming focuses on being well-rounded, values-driven individuals and includes social events with other chapters, community service projects, athletic tournaments, Jewish programming, and more. As brothers and siblings, we support each other and our development as leaders and Jewish community members.

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The International Order of the

B'nai B'rith Girls

BBG is where generations of young Jews have developed their leadership skills, strengthened their Jewish identity, and formed lasting friendships within supportive communities. BBGs plan, lead, and enjoy social, athletic, community service and Judaic programming in their own chapter or with other chapters. Among their peers and friends, BBGs have fun, embrace tradition, and build themselves as Jewish community members and leaders.

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