Ritual & Tradition

Together as one, forever united as one crew

Since 1924, we open and close our meetings the same way, recite the same words during inductions, and sing spirit songs that have stood the test of time. These moments enhance the brotherhood and sisterhood in our chapters and are what make our Movement so special.

התחל לעבוד

Our ritual moments are what make us feel like a movement. You can enter a room in San Francisco or Buenos Aires and expect to hear the same words to open or close a meeting. It's important that every Aleph and BBG learns how to open a meeting, lead a good-and-welfare, give life, and sing our spirit songs. These rituals have been kept alive for almost a century and it's on every generation to teach the next what these moments look and feel like.

Ritual Moments

טקסי פתיחה וסגירה

At the beginning or end of every AZA and BBG business gathering, the board will lead opening or closing rituals. These rituals are part of formal meetings and business, including elections or executive meetings. These rituals remind us of the purpose of our meeting, and ultimately, why we participate in AZA and BBG. Be sure to always have a copy on hand. AZA and BBG opening rituals are also in the Blue and Red Books, our official membership manuals.


Toward the end of each semester/season, chapters will hold inductions ceremonies to officially welcome Alephs-In-Training (AITs) and Members-In-Training (MITs) into AZA and BBG. Inductions are a beautiful and memorable moment for every one of our members as it marks the beginning of their lifelong journey in BBYO. Inductions happen at every level of AZA and BBG.

AZA Inductions ScriptBBG Inductions Script

The Spirit of AZA and BBG

At conventions, summer programs, chapter overnights, and more, you'll often hear the pep-songs of our Orders. These spirit songs ignite the brotherhood and sisterhood between Alephs and BBGs. Learn the lyrics, sing loudly, and have a lot of fun!

Heads up: you may lose your voice for a few days after one of our spirit circles. 😊

The Spirit of AZAThe Spirit of BBG

Life Ceremonies

At the end of your AZA or BBG high school experience, you'll have the opportunity to pass on your wisdom to the next generation and thank those who made your experience so special. Read through some Life Pages from the 93rd Grand Board and 73rd International Board to get an idea of what it means to give life.

And, remember, graduation isn't goodbye. You'll always be recognized as a Lifetime Member of BBYO, and we'll welcome you to participate in alumni opportunities to support, advise, and staff BBYO programs.

תוכנית מקדימה

There are important dates to keep in mind when prioritizing AZA and BBG rituals and traditions. These dates include hands-on training opportunities, Movement mobilization moments, registration dates, and relevant programs that tie to our traditions. Keep an eye out for opportunities to celebrate BBG's 75th anniversary.

סמסטר סתיו 2019

International Installations

August 15

Ceremony to officially pass the torch to the new International Board.

Inaugural Address

August 15

Watch our International Presidents share their vision for our Movement this year.

ועידת מנהלים באוגוסט

15-18 באוגוסט

התכנסות של כל נשיאי הקהילה. להשיק את השנה

פתיחת הרישום וההרשמה לפסגה

26 בספטמבר

See our rituals in full force alongside thousands from around the world.

פתיחת ההרשמה לקיץ

7 בנובמבר

Register for CLTC to learn how to bring AZA and BBG rituals home to your chapter.

Fall Global Inductions Week

8-15 בדצמבר

Welcome the new class of Alephs or BBGs to your community.

סמסטר אביב 2020

IC ופסגה

12-17 בפברואר

See our rituals in full force alongside thousands from around the world.

הבחירות הבינלאומיות

16 בפברואר

בחירות ל95th הלוח הגדול של AZA והוועד הבינלאומי ה-75 של BBG .

BBG יום המייסדים

22 באפריל

Celebrate BBG's 75th anniversary with your chapter. This is a great day to do an inductions ceremony.

יום המכתבים

29 באפריל

ללבוש את הטוב ביותר שלך AZA ו BBG שלל מסביב לעיר. כדי להראות את גאוותנו לתנועה שלנו

AZA יום המייסדים

3 במאי

Celebrate AZA's 95th anniversary with your chapter. This is a great day to do an inductions ceremony.

Spring Global Inductions Week

10-17 במאי

Welcome the new class of Alephs or BBGs to your community.

The Red Book

This is the BBG membership manual. Every member receives one when they are inducted into our Order. The book includes our rituals, history, and how we run the Movement. →

The Blue Book

This is the AZA membership manual. Every member receives one when they are inducted into our Order. The book includes our rituals, history, and how we run the Movement.→


Want to keep learning? Explore more ritual and traditions below!

AZA and BBG Pins

We love pins in AZA and BBG. The most important pin is your membership pin, which you will receive when you are inducted. There are other pins you can earn for qualifying for awards and serving in elected leadership positions. Familiarize yourself with what these pins look like and contact your local staff member if you need some for an upcoming program.

חקור את

AZA and BBG Programming Folds

In 1928, Boris D. Bogen introduced the Five Folds to AZA. The Folds encourage members to offer well-rounded programs that incorporate many of AZA and BBG's values. High-quality programming is a part of what makes BBYO special. 

The Six Folds of the B’nai B’rith Girls are Jewish Heritage, Community Service, Social Action, Recreation, Creativity, and Sisterhood.

The Five Folds of the Aleph Zadik Aleph are Athletic, Community Service/Social Action, Education, Judaic, and Social.

Learn more about how to utilize these folds in your programming.

חקור את

הנחיות טובות ורווחה

למד כיצד לבנות אחווה או אחוות אחיות בפרק שלך וליצור תרבות של שבח וחגיגה על ידי הקלה על הפעלות טובות ורווחה בסוף הפגישות והתוכניות.

חקור את

חברות וכרטיסי הצעה

Order special cards to give new members when you are inviting them to join (bid cards) or inducting them as an Aleph or BBG (membership cards). Contact your local staff to order the cards from BBYO's print shop.

חקור את

ההיסטוריה והסיפור שלה

AZA and BBG have a rich history. It's important that our new members are educated about where our Orders have been and how we have impacted the world. Current Alephs and BBGs should feel a part of this story.

היסטוריה של AZAסיפורה של BBG


In 1925, the Aleph Zadik Aleph created the Shofar newsletter. Today, the Shofar is a digital newsletter embedded right into this site and managed by our Press Corps. Keep up with all of the latest news around the Movement and contribute your own content.

חקור את

. עבדת קשה . בואו נחגוג 🎉

For keeping our traditions alive—we want to celebrate you. By cheering our songs and honoring our rituals, you may be eligible for a number of highly esteemed AZA and BBG International Awards including the Henry Monsky Chapter Excellence, Miriam Albert Chapter Excellence, and Maurice Bisgyer Chapter Excellence Awards. If you know an Aleph or BBG who deserves to be recognized for their work strengthening our priorities, consider nominating them for the Menorah Pledge and Cardinal Principles Awards.

Learn more about your eligibility by exploring these awards below:

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